Monday, December 1, 2008

A closet case

Zboy has discovered the coat closet. Well, that statement is a little misleading, he actually has been depositing "treasures" in there for a while now. Every time I go to get the vacuum I find all the socks, gloves, papers, and toys that have gone missing since the last time I vacuumed. It's a whole new ball game now though; he has discovered that he can get in the closet and close the door behind him...

This wouldn't bother me a bit except for two little things. One: he can't get the hang of opening the door from the inside; the push not pull thing can be VERY confusing. Two: he cries to be let out each and every times he locks himself in then screams at anyone who dares to open the door to let him out and then closes himself back in again only to cry to be let out... rinse and repeat ad nauseam. I chalk it up to one of those "toddler things"; Contrary is his middle name right now!

Of course, as soon as I tried to get this odd behavior on video he quit doing it. Figures! So you get video of a cute boy coming nicely out of the closet and walking away... See, I told you - contrary!