Monday, December 8, 2008

Long time, no post...

My son turns 2 in February but I don't think he got that memo; he is taking the terrible two role and running with it. It would be worse if we hadn't already done the two thing twice already and if he wasn't so darn cute that killing him isn't an option! He's at the stage where if you are not watching him every second, you will inevitably find him on top of the piano or hanging from the chandelier. Zman likes to say that Zboy is like the ocean - you can't turn your back on him for a minute! I don't remember the girls being this destructive rambunctious at this age. Maybe it's a boy thing, or maybe my memory is starting to go with old age and decrepitude. (I do have yet another birthday coming in a few weeks)

My childcare provider took the last two weeks off so Zman and I have been doing some fancy child shuffling to compensate. I went into work early and came home at noon and then he went in and worked till all hours of the night. This was bad for two reasons; first, I had to take Princess into work with me in the morning long before her school started and getting that child out of bed 1.5 hours earlier than usually for two weeks is my own personal hell. Second, with Zman working late, I had all kids, all the time around here and the girls are elevating sibling rivalry to a new leave these days... Luckily, for them, I have developed new depths of patience lately (and was not PMSing at the time) so they were allowed to live. It's a good thing I love them!

Needless to say, when we dropped the little kids off at the childcare provider this morning I almost kissed the woman.

Add to all this craziness, the holidays, Cookie's up coming birthday, and the fact that we have temporary custody of my brother's 9 week old puppy, and you can see why my posts have been more scarce than usual lately. Oh well, this too shall pass (please, oh please let it pass!!)

Enough whining! How bout oodles of kid cuteness (and puppy too of course) instead?

Mess? What mess?

The "I'm doing something I KNOW I shouldn't be doing" look.

Blurry siblings with cute smiles

Big Smile!

Big sis reading the boy a story

Puppy love


Scenic Pit Stops said...

Hectic! If I ever have kids, I imagine myself having quite a crush on my child care provider, who will rank somewhere around "my own personal savior"!

Jenny said...

It's a good thing our boys are so cute...this is my first parenting journey...and some days I think it should be my last!!

Anonymous said...

craziness... i am afraid i'm starting to see a little (a lot?) of the terrible 2s already in Elsa, and she still has 8 months to go before she gets there!!