Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm not one of THOSE kind of women... you know, the ones that have more shoes than sense closet space, but as I've gotten older, my feet have stopped growing, and I have some discretionary money, I have developed a small but growing shoe collection. Now, you have to understand that I live in Alaska and therefor have no use for shoes like this... even if I had somewhere to wear them. (Formal here is leaving the rubber boots at home)

However, I LIVE in my Dansko Clogs and I have them in several lovely colors. My favorite are the brown felt ones with the embroidered leaves. I also LOVE Keen footwear. The first thing I bought for my trip to Ethiopia was a pair of Keen sandals - if you ask my husband, I own an embarrassing number of sandals for someone who live in a place that gets approximately 7 days of sunshine a year.

Now, I'm on the hunt for a lovely pair of boots to take with me on an upcoming trip (to be discussed later) and have been trying to justify buying these beauties in coffee bean. Well, imagine my surprise when I checked in on Kathryn this morning to find that she is having an AWESOME KEEN Giveaway. Yes! Here's my chance to get new shoes and not have my husband kill me!! It's a win - win situation.

Now, I put this up on my blog because I get extra credit for doing so, but if you love me (and you know you do!) don't enter! Cause I want to WIN!!

OK, OK, I'm not that selfish. Go, enter, and Good Luck!!