Thursday, May 15, 2008


When did this child get SO big? It seems like only yesterday she was a teeny, tiny baby, born 3.5 weeks early, weighing only 6lbs 1oz and a whopping 17.5" long. This morning, as I picked her up out of bed and carried her into my room to cuddle, (she's NOT a morning person) I realized that I won't be able to do that much longer.

She doesn't weigh that much, 43lbs at almost 8 years old, but she's so long that carrying her is awkward. That's something I never thought I would say; she was my velcro baby and demanded to be held 99% of her life until she was 18 months old and finally ready to explore the world a little. Not a lot mind you, I had to be right near by and she still spent as much time on my lap as not. She loved to watch the other kids runing and playing but would only watch them from the saftey of my arms, never joining in.

Now she runs and hops and dances away from me and it's bittersweet. I can't count the number of times I wished she would Just. Let. Go. Of. Me. Already. back then. So I'm trilled to see this new independent streak, but I also know that she is moving slowly away from me, growing up. Lately I've become Mom instead of mama and it's usually a 5 syllable word... mommmmmmmm with a sigh and eye rollage. (I just LOVE that. No, really! I find it hilarious that she's does this and usually reply with, "Wow! That was so cool. I love it when you call me that but I think you could do it a little better. Try Ma ommmmmmmmmmmm mah!" with a valley girl slant. Then we have a contest to see who can say mom the best. She usually resorts to calling me mom nicely just to "annoy" me while I cry out "No! That's not how you say it!" Ah hahahaha!! Good times!)

Yes, I see signs of impending tweendom all the time and now, she's gone from never wanting to leave home to planning her college education. Today, on the way to school, after the hour long battle to get her up and dressed, we were listening to the radio and they had a blurb about their summer give away promotion. As she listened to the DJs discuss what they would do with $105,000 she was very thoughtful.

"If I won that money I wouldn't go on a dream vacation." she told me, "I would save the money for college. I wouldn't waste my money. I'd invest it in my future."

I'll admit that I had to brush away a little tear of pride. My baby is growing up - but at least I still have some influence on her!


Waiting for Zufan! said...

She is very cute. I love age 8, it is such fun, as they are little adults and little kids at the same time.