Friday, August 3, 2007

Ramblings of a deranged mind

This was my stream of consciousness for the day... please forgive any spelling/grammar mistakes (as usual)

Time is whipping my hair back. I have no idea where this week went. I spent a couple of days shopping online for a few essentials I need for the baby. I found some really soft cotton sleepers for cheap that I plan to dress him in on the plane ride home. I always did this with my girls and it works great. You can layer the sleepers with onesies and blankets so they are always the right temp, they are soft and comfy, they are cheap so if they get badly stained by poop explosions I won't cry about it, and they pack really small and light for the trip. I got 9 for about 5 bucks each including shipping to Alaska...not too shabby!

I also have been in email contact with two different people locally who are interested in getting together to talk about Ethiopian adoption. One is just starting her home study and the other is just in gathering info mode. I love to talk to anyone who will sit still long enough about all the ins and outs of international adoption...especially if their eyes don't glaze over in the first few minutes. We have tentative plans to get together some time the week before we leave.

We've been putting the finishing touches on our bathroom remodels in the evenings this week. That cuss-word contractor left everything in a disaster when he was done and we still had to paint the walls, doors and cabinets, put up the new light fixtures, mirrors, and towel rods, not to mention replacing the counter top the moron refinished but ruined in the process. Now I just have to clean them both from stem to stern and organize all the bathroom stuff that has taken residence in my bedroom during the remodel. Once those are done I know the rest of the house will feel a lot more clean and organized. It's amazing how just having a few rooms in disarray can effect the whole house.

I went out and bought a few travel supplies for the trip. New luggage tags, money belt, passport wallets, voltage converters, and a duel voltage hair dryer. I'm not sure why I'm taking the dyer though... my hair is a disaster these days. I'm in the middle of growing it out from a very, very short cut and it's a mess. Add on to that the fact that if I go more than a day without a shower you can wring the oil out of my very fine hair and heat and humidity only make it all worse and you can believe that I'll be looking like a blond Severus Snape most of the time I'm gone...lovely!

I also bought two 18 gallon roughneck rubbermaid bins so we can start assembling donations. My co-workers are organizing a drive at work and have committed to filling one bin for us so that leaves one for us to work on. I'm planning on going through all the girls out grown clothes (in all my spare time) and pulling out the ones in the best condition to donate. Most of these will be the small stuff that my youngest has outgrown because we apply the hand-me-down system here as mush as possible. Other than that, we have several friends and clients in the medical profession and I plan to hit them up for donations next week.

I've been thinking about gifts for the nannies, etc. and would love some input from those that have been there, done that, as to what you took, how many gifts I should plan for, what the needs are... Also we are still looking into hotels in DC so if anyone has a recommendation, I'd LOVE to hear it!