Monday, June 18, 2007


How was Father’s Day you may ask? Go ahead, ask.

Crappy, that’s how! I had a nice day planed with lots of good food and family fun but it all got flushed when my favorite thing in the whole world hit... the dreaded migraine. I did manage to get through breakfast and the gift giving before spending the rest of the day in bed… in the guest room… listening to my children try to kill each other off and the relentless pounding of the contractor destroying both of my bathrooms simultaneously. Did I mention that the bed in the guest room sucks - BIG TIME?

Yes, I have the only contractor in the known universe who comes in to work on a Sunday - Father's Day Sunday at that. He also is wonderful at staging the work in such a way that we have no working bathroom at the whole house... for hours at a time... with two small children present...who the minute they hear that there is no working toilet immediately need to pee 5 times in an hour! I'm sure that this couldn't possibly be the cause of my headache.

Thankfully, I have the most wonderful, patient, loving husband imaginable. Not only did he pick up all the slack and act as referee extraordinary while I was out of the game yesterday, (did I mention that it was Father's Day?) he also runs a mean game of interference between the contractor and myself. When I decided that the tile needs to be redone in the master bathroom, he's the one who laid down the law. When I painfully pulled myself out of bed to get a glass of water and happened to notice that the tub surround has been installed upside down in the main bathroom he's the one who kindly pointed this error out to the contractor. When my head was going to explode from having to hurdle ladders and shop vacs and -for some reason- toilets just to get down the hall, he was there to pat my hand and gently lead me away for a cup of tea.

I hate chaos! I hate opening my garage door and showing the entire neighborhood the commode sitting regally out there for the entire world to ogle, complete with the bright pink kiddy seat. I hate taking a shower with ripped up drywall and stepping out onto sub flooring. I hate that everything that belongs in the bathrooms is now haphazardly piled up in my bedroom! I hate that every time I turn around I need to purchase $100 worth of this or that that wasn’t in the original budget.

My headache is still lingering around the edges this morning, threatening to come back at the least little provocation. Thankfully the contractor is taking the day off, because working on Father’s Day and then taking Monday off makes all kinds of sense…


Anne said...

So sorry about your migraine -- that's awful. And the contractor stuff on top of it -- yikes! Hope you're feeling a whole lot better and your bathrooms are back in operation.

MMrussianadoption said...

I hope you feel better. My mom used to get killer headaches from migranes. Luckily, I have never had one. Hopefully it is not hereditary

Mom of 5 said...

Hoping things are better !!