Monday, June 4, 2007

Random update

We had a really great time last Friday. We took the kids back out to our favorite little cove this time for a family barbecue and bonfire. We lugged everything but the kitchen sink (and apparently any apparatus for washing hands or flipping burgers) all the way down to the beach and set up camp for the evening. My mom and uncle were able to join us. We even taught the girls how to roast marshmallow. I would post more pictures but they look almost exactly like the one from Memorial Day so I think I'll just direct you back to that post if you need a visual.

The rest of the weekend I was down with a terrible migraine. I get around one a month and they usually wipe me out for a day or two. We don't know what triggers them and I live in fear that I'm get one during our Ethiopia trip.

Today I went to orientation for Princess's day camp she going to this month. Since I registered ages ago I though this would be a little meet and greet situation. Boy was I wrong!! I ended up spending and hour and a half waiting in line to confirm her registration and sign a waiver. The "new registration" line was much shorter and went faster; which begs the question of why did I bother to pre-register? Not only did I have to stand in line forever and a day in uncomfortable shoes, I had to stand in line with a board and grumpy 6 year old. I ended up being extremely late to work; thank goodness they are so flexible.

Princess will start Fine Arts Camp tomorrow. She's very nervous about it so I crossing my fingers that all goes well. She's been at work with me all day today and I don't think I can take much more of this! She's a very sweet child but doesn't do the whole self entertainment thing well.

I haven't heard anything more from my sister about funeral arrangements yet. I plan to call her soon and see if they need any help in that department. I haven't been able to talk to her mother-in-law yet to express my condolences. I'm not making a huge effort to reach her today because I have no idea what to say. Everything I can think of sounds so hollow and pointless.


MMrussianadoption said...

Holy, cow! I guess I havent looked at your blog in awhile. I love the new look!