Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our Memorial Day Hike

We decided to head out for a nice afternoon at the beach yesterday. We had a little campfire, visited the tide pools, skipped rocks, and just hung out for a while. This was Mali's first trip to our favorite cove and she had a blast running free and getting completely filthy. We had a wonderful time and the girls can't wait to go again... this time for a camp out. We also got a bit of a surprise on the way home!

Hope your day was as nice!!


chou-chou said...

Hey girl! Great slide show - looks like a fun hike.

thanks for your comments on my timeline -- i'm a little confused about the timing of things later in the process, obviously!
Do you file for the C of C and US passport while you are in Ethiopia?

(And I forgot about the citizenship bit being different if you don't see the child before the court date... I'll fix my list!!)

Thanks again - really appreciate the guidance!!

chou-chou said...

OMG - just got to the "surprise" slide - glat you were already at the car!!!

Mom of 5 said...

What great pictures !!
Looks beautiful.