Monday, May 7, 2007

World AIDS Orphans Day

In 2010, there will be at least 100 million orphans and children affected by AIDS!

The AIDS pandemic has a devastating effect on the millions of children who are orphaned and/or infected with the virus. In countries most affected, 15% to 20% of children have lost one or both parents to AIDS. The almost systematic loss of both parents is an unprecedented event in human history.

- They are excluded, discriminated against and left to fend for themselves
- They are psychologically distressed
- They do not have access to education
- They do not have access to basic health care, let alone antiretroviral therapy

Deprived from protection, education, support and love, they face great risks of malnutrition, illness and HIV infection. They are easy prey to all forms of exploitation (prostitution, terrorism, trafficking, child-soldiers, etc…)

Please get involed!