Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Well, we have been waiting for 2 weeks now. No long at all in the big picture but I am surprised by how fast it’s gone by. I guess life doesn’t slow down just because we are expecting a baby. One of the main things that keeps me on my toes lately has been Mali…our puppy. You may remember that Z-Man surprised me with a tiny Multipoo puppy a few weeks before Christmas.

She’s a sweet dog and I’m really enjoying her. I would probably enjoy her much, much more if she would figure the whole potty training thing out. Cookie is also potty training so I feel like most of my life revolves around bathroom duties these days. Thankfully both of them are getting much better about getting things done where they are supposed to so there is hope for an accident free future sometime soon. Please!

Mali is very intelligent and is quickly picking up on the sit/stay/come routine. We take her to obedience classes every Friday evening and she’s starting to understand that doing what we want is more rewarding than ignoring us. Now I just wish we could get the kids to figure this out!