Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A look at the statistics

Here are some interesting facts about Ethiopia care of the Ferenge Addis Blog. This is a blog about an American family living in Addis and it has been interesting to view Ethiopia through their adventures. are some quick facts about Ethiopia. The statistics are heavily health-oriented as that’s the area I work in.

Population: 74 million

Population below poverty line ($0.50 per day): 50%

Number of native languages spoken: 88

Currency: Ethiopian Birr (=$0.113)

Religion (percentages vary wildly by study): 51% Orthodox Christian, 33% Muslim, 10% Protestant

Life expectancy: 41 years (US 76 years)

Average annual income: $110 (US $27,000)

Child malnutrition: 48% (US: 0%)

Completed primary school: 2.6% (US: about 100%)

Literacy rate: 42.7% (US: 99%)

Births per female: 5.4 (US: less than 2)

Child mortality: 123 per 1,000 (US: 8 per 1,000)

Infant mortality: 77 per 1,000 live births (US: 7 per 1,000)

Maternal mortality: 673 per 100,000 live births (US: 9 per 100,000)

Women who receive pre-natal medical care: less than 1%

Births taking place at a health facility with trained staff: 6% (US: 99%)

Number of cell phones: 410,600

Number of television stations: 1

Number of internet service providers: 1