Saturday, February 24, 2007

Headache Blues

I’ve always been prone to headaches. Starting in Jr. High, I would routinely get several headaches a week. Of course, the fact that I was too cool to actually wear my glasses probably had something to do with it. In high school I got my first migraine and they have been my constant companion ever since. I used to get them twice a year or so back then. I would toss my cookies and then spend two or three days laying down in a dark quite room trying desperately to sleep so I could take advantage of the unconsciousness.

As an adult my headaches have come and gone. Blissfully the one advantage of my pregnancies was the lack of migraines; I didn’t get a single one either time. The few times I’ve quite caffeine brought on migraines that sent me to the ER. I’m very familiar with all the over the counter headache remedies and have tried them all. For a regular headache, ibuprofen usually does the trick… acetaminophen is worthless; for migraines, I usually just tough it out. I’ve been pregnant or nursing pretty much non stop for the last 7 years and I’m very conservative when it comes to medicines so I haven’t tried the plethora of new migraine medications on the market. Unfortunately, my ulcer now makes it impossible for me to take any kind over the counter headache meds because they make my stomach hurt worse than my head did.

The point of all this is… I’ve had the worst headache non-stop for the last week. It came on last weekend and I haven’t been able to get rid of it. I’ve tried all my headache tricks including ice packs, arnica, caffeine, sleep, etc. I even broke down and took a couple of ibuprofen with a handful of ulcer meds. (Talk about killing off your stomach!) That worked for a few hours but then it came right back. This isn’t a migraine, though it feels like it could turn into one any second, it’s just a bad headache that starts at the base of my skull and comes up and over the back of my head…mostly on the left.

Help! What have you tried that has worked? I’m frantic to kill this thing and I’ll try anything. Jump up and down on one foot while smudging with sage and chanting? I’ll do it. Drink lukewarm water upside down from a glass cup while holding a tennis ball between my knees? I’ll do it!

I’ll do ANYTHING. Please, I’m desperate here!


Elle said...

Water. Oddly enough. I get headaches like that too. They'll go on and on for weeks and I can't shake it. I hate taking any kind of meds, but I find that if I sit down and drink a couple of really big glasses of water it goes away. If the headaches are really bad I drink really dilute gatorade. Because with me it is dehydration.

chou-chou said...

Oh, that sounds like such a drag!!

I rarely get headaches, but with me it's always either (1) too much sun, or (2) dehydration - like Elle.

Wish I knew what to tell you...

Starfish said...

It could also be sinus related. I just woke up and I have a huge headache right now. Maybe some antihistamines? Or saline spray up the nose? Even if you're not noticeably stuffy. Could it be stress related? If so, that's harder to cure of course. Do something relaxing!

Headaches are the worst. Good luck.

Jenny and Matt said...

Could it be muscular? I get awful headaches if my neck/shoulder muscles get out of whack. Maybe you should try massage.

Tricia said...

Not saying this is the solution for you... but I used to get migraines. They went away once I got rid of my old boyfriend. ;-)

Anne said...

My recent headaches were due to a tooth, but it took 6 months to figure it out. I'm not prone to getting headaches, and having one non-stop (except when I downed handfuls of ibuprofen) made me REALLY empathize with people who struggle with them all the time.

I don't have any magic advice, but I hope you get some relief soon. Best of luck & I'm thinking of you!!

Angela :-) said...

Chiropractor, sinus/allergy meds often work for me. I like the suggestion of water, also.

888 said...

You really need to eat the sage- every day!

Try that on your headaches.

Of course coffee or chocolate might make them worse.