Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thank you!

Lulu holding her new baby brother (taken last year)

All your good wishes and prayers have paid off and Lulu was able to go home last night. She's still in pain and the doctors say she'll probably have memory issues for a few days, but other than that she's ok. The MRI showed no permanent damage to her neck and she was even able to leave the neck brace behind yesterday. We were expecting her to need to wear it for a few weeks due to some ligament damage but it turned out to not be as bad as they thought!

Thank you everyone for thinking of us. I know that our good friend is feeling much better today and will be very careful when playing with the kids in the future. Our only lasting concern will be financial. We are looking into avenues to see if we can't find them some State assistance for the medical bills but it doesn’t look hopeful. They fall into that difficult group in our country that makes too much money for assistance, but doesn't make enough to have health care. This has really brought home to me the plight of families like theirs and believe me, I'll be writing my Congressman!


jeneflower said...

I am so glad to hear that she is O.K. I am sure everyone is relieved, but I know that the medical bills must be hitting hard especially at this time of the year. I understand this, we used to not have medical insurance and tried to fight the hospital for what we thought was unecessary billing when one of our sons was hospitalized and it was a huge fiasco. In the end- we paid it ALL.

Laura said...

Thank goodness Lulu will be ok! I hope they can get the financial assistance that is needed.

chou-chou said...

Phew - what a relief that Lulu is OK. That was one scary situation.

Until a few months ago, I was a single self-employed person, and I can COMPLETELY relate to this financial situation. So frustrating not to qualify for aid, but to be unable to pay for medical bills, even WITH insurance. Can't imagine the nightmare of being uninsured...

I'll be keeping Lulu's family in my thoughts and prayers.