Saturday, November 11, 2006


Here I sit, at the computer, when I really should be up trying to tame my house into some kind of order. Why? Because our social worker is coming tomorrow for our first home study visit!!!!

I can’t believe it. Tomorrow. Ahhhh!

I dearly love my husband, but I can say that he isn’t the neatest person in the world. He took very good care of the kids while I was so sick and he feed them regularly, but it looks like a bomb went off in here! Between the three of them, there is not one room in my house that doesn’t need a hazmet team.

Thankfully, I have bribed my mom into taking the girls off our hands for a while today and I’m paying my baby brother to come help clean. (He’s young and always broke) Unfortunately, I’m still recovering and have a hard time bending over and am under doctor’s orders not to lift anything over 10lbs. This should be interesting.

I am so nervous about this visit. Clean house or not, this suddenly feels very, very real. It reminds me of that moment after trying to conceive for several months when you stand in the bathroom, holding that stick with two pink lines and wonder what the hell you just did. I’m going back and forth from being so excited that I could throw up to being absolutely terrified. God I hope this is normal!

We also sent off our I-600A last Wednesday. After talking with the SW she reassured us that we could send it in prior to completing the home study. According to her the big hold up with getting out I-171H will be the fingerprints. They only do fingerprinting in the major city 900 miles away from us. We’ll have to fly there to get those done if we don’t want to wait until the USCIS decides it has a big enough back log locally to send someone down to do them. That’s one expense we weren’t counting on!

The really great news is that once they have the fingerprints, they usually have the I-171H out to us within one week of receiving the home study! That’s much faster than I was expecting.

I can’t believe it…we are going to be parents again!!


Starfish said...

Good luck tomorrow! Yes it's normal to have that excited but I want to puke feeling! And we sent in our I600 early and then sent our homestudy when it was complete. You'll have that blessed I171H in no time! YAY!

Margaret said...

Good luck with the home visit! (It's no big deal really. I always stress about those things and then later wonder why I was so stressed.)

Jenny and Matt said...

Things are moving along!
Glad you're feeling better, finally.
Good luck with the home study. Don't worry - the SW is much more interested in your family than the cleanliness of your closets.

Karena said...

I just went through that flight of the bumblebee cleaning thing last week. Everyone says you shouldn't bother, but everyone does it. Good luck on the home visit. Just don't tell them about the bodies buried in the backyard and you should be fine!