Monday, November 13, 2006

First visit done!

Thank you all for your encouragement regarding the home study visit. I know that everyone, including the social worker herself, says that cleaning isn’t necessary, but you all know I did. I didn’t clean closets or cupboards but everything else was ship-shape by the time she arrived yesterday.

The visit was very pleasant and went quickly. We are meeting her again on Wednesday for our second visit and will probably meet one more time before she writes up the home study. She is confident that baring any unforeseen circumstances we should have the home study done by mid December. Will and I are planning a quick trip to get fingerprinted at the end of the month and are hopeful that we can have our dossier completed by mid January. Of course we understand that it could take longer.

We are still waiting for our FBI background check to come back. We were fingerprinted for that in mid August so you’d think they have that done! That could be one hold up on completing the home study. The SW also needs to get back the reference forms she sent out before she can finish so we’ll have to gently remind our friends and family to get on those ASAP.

I need to call our placement agency today on a few points. My medicals were done by PA, and the SW was concerned that Ethiopia may not accept it if it’s not done by a MD. I also want to get a feel for what the current wait times are so I can get a better estimate of when we might be able to expect a referral. (Yes, I’m getting my hope up here that will surely be dashed later) I really hope that if we do get our dossier in by the end of January that we will be able to get through the courts before their annual summer closure. I also need some clarification about the document dates. I have about half of the dossier documents already done and they all are dated in October. If we turn in the dossier in January I’m thinking we may have to redo them…. Not my favorite idea!

So there you have it. We are really moving on this now. I know that this is the easy part. Once we get the dossier done than there will be nothing left to do but wait and wait and wait.


Anonymous said...

My medical was done by a PA and I don't think it caused any problems.

Margaret said...

One visit down! You're really on your way now.

Debbie said...

Congratz on getting the visit done. You'll be done and waiting before you know it.

chou-chou said...

Good for you! This is a one big milestone... sounds like you have a good social worker, too.