Monday, September 18, 2006

Climb every mountain

The clouds parted this weekend and we finally had some beautiful weather. We have been breaking records for rainfall this summer, and when you live in a temperate rainforest, this is really saying something! On Friday afternoon, Princess and her class took a field trip to the top of Mt. Roberts, and I was lucky (?) enough to go with them.

We have a tram that takes us up the first 1800 feet, so this isn’t as daunting as it sounds. We hiked to a local landmark and had a picnic lunch.

Then all the 1st graders and any kindergärtners that wanted to continued up the mountain.

The weather was perfect without a cloud in the sky. After much huffing and puffing (on my part) we made it to the halfway point of our climb, a rock christened by the class as the K/1 rock.

There the kindergärtners turned around and headed back down the mountain to their waiting parents while the first graders continued on in search of snow.

I fell to the back of the line as the hike went on, and most of my pictures are of everyone strung out ahead of me. The view was amazing! I could see all the way down the channel in both directions.

My knee gave out a few hundred feet from our goal, a snowy patch in the shade not far from the summit. There is nothing that makes you feel old faster than hobbling along the trail while the 6 year olds are skipping up the mountain!

I found a nice flat rock and watched from afar as the kids slid in the snow and tossed snowballs at each other.

Then came the really fun part… the hike back down. Going down hill was not kind on my knee and I did end up spending all of our beautiful Saturday with my leg elevated and swapping out ice packs.

Oh, well. It was worth it and I'm feeling much better now!


MMrussianadoption said...

gorgeous pictures. Sorry you hurt you leg.

Starfish said...

Wow those pictures are amazing! Some view!