Thursday, April 20, 2006

a lot of nothing

What has been going on in the world of our adoption? A big fat nothing!!, zilch, nada, nothing. We are in a tough place right now. Business is going well but, with just taking on a partner, lots of finical issues are still up in the air. I'd hate to get into the middle of an adoption and not be able to pay for it. This probably wouldn't even be a big issue except that I tend to be very fiscally conservative. I'd hate to put 15K on our home equity line of credit and then run into a rough patch and not be able to make the payments.

We also have been extremely busy. Taxes due, sick kids, business contracts, board meetings, school fund raisers and committies... it never seems to let up. I have a million reasons, but really... I think I'm hesitating. I can seem to take that first big step. It all just seems so daunting! So much to do, so many variables, so little control; it's all very scary to me.

I'm living vicariously through my blogging friends at the moment. Elle is currently on her way to Russia to meet her son for the first time! I'm so excited for her I can barely stand it. Rhonda should be getting her referral soon (crossing my fingers) and the elusive PCR kits are now available again in Ethiopia so we may hear good news from Anne and Shelley soon.

Good luck guys! Hope to read some great news soon.


shells said...

Hopefully Monday will be a good day! It is hard to sit and wait. I live vicariously through these blogs too!!!! :)

Rhonda said...

Thanks Mandy! It seems like we've been waiting FOREVER sometimes.

Anne said...

Mandy, thanks so much for thinking of us! We're in "high anticipation" mode -- hopefully not too much longer!

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Hi, the waiting around is the hardest part!!!

If you have time, I'd love to learn more about adoption from Ethiopia. You're the first person I've "met" who is adopting from that country, so if you feel like it, post some information. (If you don't feel like it, no worries!).

Take care,