Thursday, May 4, 2006

Can I check your references?

Fantastic news! Rhonda and Brian finally received their referral for two precious children. I'm so thrilled for them both. Congratulation guys...I hope it was worth all the waiting!

Life has been interesting around here over the last few weeks. Z-man has been out of town on business and I've been doing the single mom gig. I'd like to give a standing ovation to all single's an amazingly tough job. It's at times like these that I really realize what a wonderful hubby I have and I strive to not take him for granted. I'm glad you're back honey!

On the adoption front, I've been filling out all the paperwork for the application to our agency. Now I'm down to picking 4 people, three of which are not relatives, to use as references. This seems like it would be easy but I'm having a lot of trouble with it. Most of the people I know are more in the causal acquaintance/co-worker category. I have a good friend I've known since high school I've considered asking, but we have really drifted apart over the last few years... The trouble is that these have to be people I really trust. They have to be articulate, timely, and not think we are total nut jobs. Meeting all these requirements may be beyond the realm of any mortal!

Maybe I'm setting the bar too high. For all those out there that are adopting... Who did you ask to be your reference?


Margaret said...

Mandy, when I chose my references I tried to get people from different areas of my life. I asked a neighbor, a co-worker, my best friend (who dates back to junior high), and professional colleague/friend. I know a lot of people ask their ministers or someone else from church as well.

Anne said...

We used a former professor of mine, a former boss of Steve's, and four family friends. We intentionally asked for more references than we needed, just in case someone forgot, or didn't get around to it promptly. And it turned out that a couple of people were kind of slow, but it didn't end up holding up our homestudy because we got enough references quickly. Hope this helps!

Rhonda said...

Thanks Mandy. Our references were different friends, but none that we'd known for over two years. All of them were co-workers. I think I really chose based on who I thought would respond and could trust to do that.