Sunday, April 16, 2006

I exist, I promise!

Well, here is my first post on our adoption blog. This post will be brief, but I hope to get into the habit of posting here when ever I can! First off let me assure you that I'm real, and that I'm just as excited about this journey that we are undertaking as Carrie is.

I won't repeat the sentiments that Carrie has already more eloquently conveyed regarding our joy and excitement as we travel down the adoption road. I do have lots to say on my own behalf however, and will do my best to find time to post them here.

Today was a great example of why I can't wait to add to our family. We just finished a very nice dinner with all the family that lives near us (And there are lots! Brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews) and as I sat... (or ran to catch a child) I just began to imagine what it would be like to add even more children to our wonderful family.

Watching the kids play and all the adults interact is pure life. Of course there are fights and disagreements, but there are also imaginary castles, and dress-up, laughter, joking, poking fun at somebody. It's things like this that makes me very excited to bring another life into the fold and let them experiance life with us.

I promise to post again soon. (Going on a week trip away from the family this coming week, so I'll have a lot of time to miss my family and thing about the future!)



Elle said...

Nice to meet you Will

Tricia said...

Thanks for the post. Family holidays are always more interesting and fun with little ones running around.

Rhonda said...

Welcome to blogland Will.