Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What was I thinking?

It's spring break here. This means that Princess, my kindergartner, is home all week. She has been looking forward to this with great relish. She planned to sleep in late everyday (we are blessed with two children who love to sleep), work on her science project, and have "lot of fun". In reality this means getting up at 7, hounding me to finish her science work, and torturing her little sister.

This morning, as I was enjoying taking rushing through a shower, my girls were playing with the bath toys on the floor. (Everyone knows that bath toys are for keeping the kiddos occupied while mommy showers...right?) Not two minutes into my shower, Cookie somehow lost the small plastic doll she was playing with. When it was mot immediatly and magically produced, she commenced with the full blown 2 year old tantrum in the small, very acoustic, crowded bathroom. Princess was not impressed and immediately began screaming at her to be quite because all that screaming was hurting her head. (??)

This is the cue for me, the sopping wet, with shampoo in hair, to lean out of the bathtub and try to find the stupid &%@# doll. It's a small bathroom, you wouldn't think this would be that hard, but I swear that that doll took one look at the messy bathroom, screaming kids, and stressed mommy and headed next door for an extended vacation. As of the writing of this blog, she is still nowhere to be found. My gently suggesting that Cookie play with something else only increased the tempo of the tantrum, Princess's yelling, and my headache! This is the point when I stood in the shower shaking my head and wondering; why do we want another child? Or, OMG two more!!

I spent the next couple of minutes rehashing all the ways our lives will be harder and more complicated with more children, not to mention louder. I was reminded of a post Brianna made recently about her first foray into the grocery store since the arrival of her twins from Ethiopia. I tried to picture doing all the little domestic things we do now. Will I be able to take the kids to the library, the pool, the mall? Are we crazy for even thinking this is something we can do?

As I tried to frantically finish my shower all the while thinking not so nice things about kids in general and mine specifically, I noticed that it was suddenly quite. As an experienced parent, I know that this is rarely a good thing, so I immediately stuck my head out again to find out what was going on. When Princess is sad, she really like to be cuddled and she decided that her sister would like the same. She brought a pillow and blanket into the bathroom and helped Cookie lay down. She found her favorite, brand new, bought with her allowance saved for 4 months, baby doll and gave it to Cookie to cuddle with. As I poked my head out, she was sitting next to May, stroking her head and singing her a song she made up about sissy taking care of her.

Oh...yeah....THAT'S why I want another one!


Elle said...

Oh how sweeeeet. That's got to be the cutest thing I have ever heard.

Margaret said...

I think there's an unwritten rule where kids make you crazy just to your breaking point, then they do something so endearing you can't imagine how you were ever annoyed at all. That's a sweet story.

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Awww! Now that is just the sweetest story. Man I can't wait until our kiddo is home and I can watch him/her do awesome things like that.