Friday, February 12, 2010

Zboy is three!

Things I want to remember about my 3 year old boy
  • He has to get dressed as soon as he gets up for the day. Not getting dressed immediately is cause for a meltdown.
  • He has to have socks on at all times.
  • He loves oatmeal and eats a huge bowl every morning.
  • He loves his duplo blocks and can sit at the table for hours making huge towers and "robots" and then knocking them down.
  • He LOVES to be outside. If he is in a bad mood the easiest thing is to take him out for a while and he will be happy as a clam. He can spend hours outside in any weather (when mom is up for it)
  • He's a momma's boy right now. He loves his daddy but only really likes snuggling with mom. He comes in every morning and climbs into bed with me for a cuddle. He also likes whisper sweet nothings into my ear. "Mommy, you're my special, special, boy."
  • He has a blanket that he carries around whenever he's home. It's his sister's old blanket and it's pink and covered in flowers and he calls "him" Pinky. He also puts pinky right up to the side of his face and carries it around "Linus style"
  • He loves the water and keeping him dry when we go out is a huge challenge. Any puddle, stream, river, lake, or ocean that comes our way is fair game as far as he is concerned. This is especially challenging for us because we live in a rain forest... there is always water! A bath is another great way to break him out of a funk and he will be in there for hours.
  • He loves his sisters... he loves tormenting his sisters by going in their room without permission, climbing their bunk bed without their permission, talking to them without their permission, breathing... well, you get the idea. Cookie is really good about playing with him though and they can usually go whole minutes without fighting!
  • He hates any vegetable other than raw carrots, won't eat any kind of meat that is not deep fried or  tubular, and won't eat eggs in any form. He will eat any kind of fruit, still drinks several large glasses of milk a day, and loves "Daddy Sandwiches" aka peanut butter and jelly.
  • He loves Blues Clues on netflix and just last night ran up to Cookie and said "I'm Steve and you're Blue. Lets go" and they both ran off to find clues. He can also sing all the songs from that show perfectly and will break out into the mail time song every time we go to the mail box.
  • He loves to sing and dance. He will brake out into song at any time and will always come in on time and pitch when I start to sing. The third way to break him out of a funk is to put on some music for him to sing and dance too. The kids are all really into Bill Harley right now and Zboy request to listen to his "Dog song" every time he get into the car. "There were mutts and puppies everywhere"
  • He is a big kid and has a big presence. His preschool teacher says he's like a bull in a china shop because he fills up a space and likes big and firm body movements. The other kids don't alway like that though. He runs into school everyday and stands just inside the door and LOUDLY announces "I'm here guys!"
  • He still loves to sleep and will demand a nap if he thinks we are running late on that. He also goes to bed a night with no fuss and sleeps pretty hard all night. He does come in every morning to sleep with me anywhere between 3 to 6:30 am but usually closer to 6 am. He is always up for the day by 7, even on the weekends.
  • He is learning to use his words. This is a very recent development that is very much appreciate by everyone. Now instead of hitting his sister when he gets mad you can hear him say things like "I'm MAD!" and "I don't like it when you say that!" I've even gotten a "I don't like it when you yell at me" recently.
  • He is not potty trained yet. In fact, his lame parents haven't even started. He is showing some interest so we'd better get the ball rolling here but I REALLY hate potty training.
  • He is very good at not hearing what he doesn't want to hear; almost to the point of his teacher thinking there is something wrong with him. There isn't! He just tunes you out and focuses on what he like. He is also easily distracted... look something shinny.


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday to Zboy! I can't believe our babies are already 3. Where did the time go???