Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Zman and I celebrate a special anniversary on February 12 and since I gave some really lame gifts this year for Christmas and our wedding anniversary, I decided to go all out and really surprise him this time.

To celebrate, every year we have dinner at the nicest restaurant in town and this year I also arranged for a fancy hotel suit, champaign, chocolate truffles, rose petals, and, umm... fancy undergarments. Yesterday afternoon I smuggled a packed suitcase out of the house and ran some errands that included stopping by the hotel and sprucing up the place and leaving our overnight bag there. After dinner I gave him a card with the hotel key inside. Boy was he surprised! I was great to spend quality time away from the kids and reconnect with my hubby. I was also really fun to get the upper hand with my super gift giving guy and really knock his socks off!

Happy Anniversary Love and Happy Valentine's Day.