Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chocolate sooths soul

Thanks for the virtual hugs everyone. I knew that YOU would understand what a huge loss this is for me and my son. My uncle, the data recovery specialist, has had the laptop for a week now and we are pretty sure the pictures and video are well and truly gone! (Sob) Jenny, who used the same agency we did, has offered us some of her photos of the orphanage and guest house. I will be nice to at least have those even if it doesn't make up for the loss of the very personal ones! If anyone else has some photos of Ethiopia, Addis, etc. they would be willing to share, please email me! (email address listed on the left)

To help sooth myself, I went hog wild and ordered WAY TOO MANY of Elle's fabulous handmade truffles. I will have to wait a while for them, but just knowing they will be coming and I'll be able to eat myself into a chocolate coma, makes me feel better. If my mom taught me anything, it was that one must drown one's sorrows in chocolate - an adage that I am dutifully passing on to my girls. (Hopefully I won't also pass on the size of my ass. Somehow I think the two just may be related...)


If you haven't tried Elle's Sweet Hope chocolates and caramels, then you are REALLY missing out. Get thine-self over there tute sweet! Not only do you get some amazing goodies, but the proceeds go to help orphans all over the world... a sweet deal all the way around.

by the way - does anyone know how to download a video FROM YouTube? The only video we now have of our momentous first meeting is being held captive there and for some reason I feel the need to have a BACK UP!!


Tami said...

Indulge yourself! You deserve it. I'm going to send you another virtual (hug), just because. Its awesome that others will be able to share at least some photos. I'll send up a quick prayer that your uncle can work some miracles.

Elle said...

Thanks for the shout out.