Friday, August 8, 2008

It's Here

That's right! After months of endless paperwork I have finally jumped through the last bureaucratic hoop of this adoption; we received Zboy's USA passport and today I went, armed with every possible form of documentation, to the social security office to change his name and citizenship status.

This part of our adoption paperwork journey began with the re-adoption last spring. When we got the coveted Alaska adoption decree I was able to apply for his Alaskan Certificate of Foreign Birth; this was more of a headache then I thought it would be! Once we FINALLY got the birth certificate I pulled out all the stops and cranked out all the forms and documents we needed to apply for Zboy's US passport and his Certificate of Citizenship. A few days before we left for vacation Zman and I took Zboy to the post office to apply for the passport (in person) and to mail off the CofC application.

Imagine my surprise when we found the new passport in our mailbox when we got home! (They even send back his Ethiopian passport so I can save it for him when he's grown.) Now that I have the SSN squared away all I have to do is wait for the mail. We should be getting his new SS card in a few weeks but the CofC can take up to a year to get. Now that all the paperwork is behind me, I'm going to spend a few hours this weekend consolidating all our adoption paperwork and legal forms I have been saving in the fire-proof safe in my office and decide what can be pitched, what can stay in the safe and what needs to go to the safety deposit box. I already took his ET passport to the bank this afternoon; I'm not risking loosing that for a second! Zman doesn't understand my burning desire to get all that squared away... it's a closure thing I think.

It'll feel so nice to be able to put all the adoption hoopla behind me and be able to look forward to the big, beautiful future with my son; a complete family at last.


Mom of 5 said...

Congrats !
Great picture.

Jenny said...

Yay! Congratulations Carrie! We have Josh's readopt done and his state decree of foreign birth. I have the COC paperwork filled out, just waiting until tax return time to send it in. We have a SSN for him, but once the COC comes back I'll just change his status on it.

It's nice to be wrapping everything up, isn't it? I think it's all going into a bank vault when we're done. I'm a little packrat when it comes to his adoption paperwork. I have everything - every receipt. I even have the little blue paper with his ID number from Toukoul. I just can't pitch it!

Glad you're done!

Anne said...

Yay! Big congrats to all of you!

Debbie B said...

Congratz on getting the passport. Big step. We have finalization in October and I know I'll be doing the same thing, sorting and shredding.
Great picture!