Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend Madness

This past weekend it was 50 degrees and raining. This means that we decided to:

a) Clean the house and wash all of our clothes in preparation for our Oregon trip this coming weekend.

b) Take the kids to Wall-E and hang out with our family in celebration of Princess's 8th Birthday.

c) Go camping

The answer is "C" of course. We really are THAT crazy... Princess wanted to go camping for her birthday rather than have a big party and who are we to argue. Luckily one of the great benefits of living in SE Alaska is the wonderful scenery and outdoor recreation options available right outside your door. This campground is only 6 miles from our house and I was able to ditch the girls with Zman take Zboy home each night to sleep in his bed (and not so incidentally to sleep in my own bed) while Zman did the tent thing with the girls.

Zboy decided that camping was the best thing in the world (especially when it didn't mess with his sleep schedule) and spent 90% of his time wondering all around the camp site. The other 10% of the time he spent in the pack-and-play, which he didn't enjoy nearly enough but sometimes we just need to have him corralled so we could do fun things like make food.

The girls had fun playing in the tent but had less fun sleeping in it; well, the first night at least. The air mattress had a hole in it and they ended up on the cold ground. They were up at 4 AM and Zman took them to the van and they all went back to sleep for a while huddled up in the back. A quick trip to the store for a new air mattress and a couple more sleeping bags made the second night much, much better. It was still quiet chilly (go figure that it would be cold camping next to a glacier) but they were toasty and warm all night.

My favorite part of the trip (other than sleeping inside) was the hike we took on Sunday. We had a nice trail and saw some beautiful scenery while trudging along at Zboy's pace. He thrilled to be out and wanted to look at every branch and rock along the way; luckily he would come back to the trail when asked. The uneven ground was pretty hard for our little guy though and he spent as much time sprawled on the ground as he did upright. He was a trooper though and would always just hop right back up and kept going.


Anne said...

Hey! Love the new design! :) And you know I love the photos.