Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The hunt for a new Birth Certificate

Me - Carrie, the ever patient mom. (snort)
Her - Bureaucrat in training - learning the phone version of Chinese Water Torture.
() - Things I think but rarely say out loud
Her: Alaska Vita Statistics Adoption Desk. How may I help you?
Me: We recently went through the process of re-adopting our son and I'd like to know how long it will take before we can get his new BC.
Her: OK, let me check on that. What is your son's last name...his new one.
Me: The same as his "old" one _______ (saying and spelling our last name which is also a girls first name)
Her: That's your LAST name?
Me: Yes.
Her: What was your son's last name prior to the adoption?
Me: It was the same.
Her: Well that's convenient for you... What's his date of birth?
Me: (gave date)
Her: When was the adoption completed
Me: A week ago Monday.
Her: Let me check on this for you. (on hold till the end of time)
Her: Well, I don't have a record of your son.
Me: Well, since the RE-ADOPTION only took place a little over a week ago, I'm not surprised you don't have any information on him yet. I'm just calling to find out an estimated time-line so I can plan when we can get the new BC. We need it to be able to apply for his certificate of citizenship.
Her: He's not from Alaska?
Me: No, we adopted him from Ethiopia.
Her: Well that explains it then. If the adoption was in another country then you won't be able to get a BC for him here. We only handle adoption that happen in Alaska.
Me: *sigh* That is why we went through the RE-ADOPTION (saying it s l o w l y) process here in Alaska. We were told (OK not really but still...) that we would be getting an Alaska BC for him after the re-adoption proceedings. I have a Alaska Superior Court adoption degree.
Her: Well, I've never heard of that. I don't think we do THAT here but let me check on that for you. (once again on hold time the end of time)
Her: My supervisor says we only issue BC for Alaska adoptions.
Me: IT IS AN ALASKAN ADOPTION. I'm holding the ALASKAN adoption degree in my hand right now!
Her: Let me talk to my supervisor again. (holding. holding. holding.)
Her: Well, we don't get the court documents for at least a month after the proceedings and I can't issue a BC until we get the degree.
Me: I have a copy of the degree. Can I bring this one in or does it have to come directly from the court?
Her: Let me check with my supervisor. (you get the idea)
Her: It has to come directly from the court. Call back in a month.
Me: Thank you for your time. What was your name again? (So I can ask for someone else next time)

If this is how just getting the birth certificate goes, I'm REALLY looking forward to applying for his US passport!


Elle said...

We opted not to do a re-adoption for that exact reason. I have not applied for the passport because I'm terrified of the US government losing a one of a kind Russian birth certificate.

For Russia re-adoption is optional. It is only to get the US birth certificate and I don't want one because the child wasn't born in the US.

D.K. said...

They walk amongst us...