Monday, April 28, 2008

B*tch and you shall recieve...

Apparently the universe at large is sick of my whining because we have been blessed with 4 days of stunning spring weather that makes me want to weep with gratitude...Why yes, I do tend to be a bit melodramatic, why do you ask?

Like any good Alaskan, the minute the sun came out we all donned our summer clothes, ditched any and all work responsibilities, and went OUTSIDE! Hallelujah!

Hey! 55 degrees is shorts weather here...

Of note:
My son loves being outside. Will bolt for any and all open doors and will scream like you are killing him when you finally drag him inside.*

*The above fact is true no matter what the weather is like.

My younger daughter was heard to say "I hate it when the sun comes out. It makes me fell all hot and yucky."*

*The above sentence was uttered after the 4th day of sun in a row.**

**Obviously 4 days of sun in a row is too many for people born in Alaska.