Monday, April 21, 2008

Show me the sunshine!!

Can you tell from my last post that I'm really getting tired of the snow? I know, I know... people who live in Alaska shouldn't throw stones complain about the weather... but you know what? Enough is enough. I'm done with snow for a while. Bring on the sunshine and temperatures over 40 degrees. I don't ask for much but at some point, if I don't get a little warm weather, I'm going to snap and run off to Hawaii with my kids. Hell, I may just do that anyway because I'm sick to death of sitting around in the dark!

Why the dark you ask? Well, all this fun, heavy, wet, spring snow started a catastrophic avalanche that took out all the power transmission lines from our hydro electric dam to town. This means that until the power company can get them fixed, 3 months at least, our whole town is being powered by diesel generators. Anyone looked at the cost of gas these days? They are hiking our electricity rates by 500% to cover the cost. Yeah, FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT! We went from 11 cents a kilowatt to over 50 cents. Our bill just jumped from $200 a month to over $1000.

See...I can afford to go to Hawaii, as long as I shut off all power to my house while I'm gone.


Anne said...

New Mexico is closer than Hawaii! Come on down!

What an awful situation with the generators. I hope everything is repaired a lot faster than they're predicting. How on earth can people afford the increase? Are there any disaster relief funds available?

Sending warm and sunny vibes in your direction!!

paige said...

Carrie, that is super-crazy. I hope the situation improves soon. Ohio is lovely in the spring, btw!

And Anne, if you check back in, can I please have the password for your blog. You went PWP when I was in Ethiopia, and I had no idea you were still out there for awhile. It sounds like there are some exciting changes in your neck of the woods--I'd love to check in!

Anne said...

paige -- of course! Email me at awing at and I'll send it to you. :)

Carrie -- still waiting for your knock on my door! :)