Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hanging in there

I'm still here. As you can imagine, this was a very tough week. It was hard to say goodbye to two friends and I don't really think it's sunk in yet that they are really gone. Thankfully, R's mom is much better so we won't have to go to a 3rd funeral anytime soon (knock on wood.)

I've also been extremely busy ferrying Smiley to and from the doctor. His staff infection didn't clear up after the ER visit and 2x the antibiotics so he went to the doctor EVERY DAY last week. He got two more staff infected abscesses on his jaw line that had to be drained so we got to do the whole sedation thing again. He was tested again and thankfully we aren't dealing with MRSA here. They put him on a stronger antibiotic targeted to his specific infection and he seems to be doing a lot better... though I really hate having him on the kill off your immune system meds.

Here is the other Smiley news for the week in bullet form because I'm lazy...

  • He switched from formula to milk this week
  • He then switched from milk to soy milk because he HATES milk and won't drink it
  • He has started saying yes or no when asked a question
  • He said Cookies' name for the first time
  • He has begun the anxious attachment phase and therefore must be held by mom 24/7
  • He starts childcare for the first time on March 1st (This should be interesting)
  • He loves cars and trucks and spends a lot of time crawling around the house pushing them across the floor
  • He uses his very cute baby doll to hit his sisters over the head
  • Bananas are his favorite food EVER
  • He hates chicken and cheese and broccoli
  • He can hear the fridge open from anywhere in the house and will come crawling at close to the speed of sound to try and get in there... keeping him out of the fridge with one foot while closing the door is an Olympic event around here
  • He has officially joined the ranks of the mooches (otherwise known as the rest of the kids) and comes begging for his share whenever he sees someone eating something
  • He LOVES spicy food, especially Doro Wat (an Ethiopian stew) and taco meat
  • He loves to share his food with the dogs making him their favorite person in the whole world
  • He loves to play "get you" and will crawl away laughing if you say "I'm going to get you"
  • He will chase after you if you say "Don't get me"
  • He loves his bath but bath time has been very short around here lately because he refuses to SIT DOWN for crying out loud!
  • His 6th month post placement report is done and on it's way to the agency


habeshachild said...

So happy to see you posting, Carrie. I've been thinking about you a lot, and wondering how you are holding up under the weight of all those losses.

Glad to hear Smiley's antibiotic is finally working - yikes, that sounds like quite an ordeal.