Thursday, November 1, 2007

Re-Adoption Woes

Alaska Statutes--Title 25, Chapter 23, Section 25.23.160.
Recognition of Foreign Decree Affecting Adoption.

A decree of court terminating the relationship of parent and child or establishing the relationship by adoption issued under due process of law by a court of any other jurisdiction within or outside of the United States shall be recognized in this state and the rights and obligations of the parties as to matters within the jurisdiction of this state shall be determined as though the decree were issued by a court of this state.

If the above is true then why, when I went to the court house this morning asking what I needed to do to get a new birth certificate for my son, did they look at me like I had three heads? Why did they shrug their collective shoulders and then tell me that they were "pretty sure" that I needed to a complete adoption as though we were starting from scratch? Pretty sure? What? And Why, WHY, did they look at me as though I were stupid when I asked if that was in-fact the case, did they have forms or a list of documents and procedures I would need to accomplish that?

I left the court house with less information and more confused than when I went in! AHHHHH!! Has anyone reading this blog every finalized an adoption in the state of Alaska and want to give me a few pointers? What? No one? Why am I not surprised?


Chuck and Jenny said...

Aw, Carrie, I'm sorry for the mess. We hired a lawyer to let him deal with it all (in process now). I hope you can find someone with some clear cut answers!

chou-chou said...

Yikes. Wish I had anything helpful to contribute, but I'm sorry - I don't.

Hang in there - is there a good family law attorney in your area?