Monday, October 8, 2007

A long weekend and a trashy morning

I know it's fall when the kids start cycling through strange illnesses on a bi-weekly basis. This week's special was a high fever with a side of headache. The fever came and went but headache stuck around for the duration. As far as childhood illnesses go it was mild. No vomiting, no spots, no snot. Of course as a conscientious mommy (read - spastic hypochondriac)the high fever with headache had me on the watch for meningitis and I annoyed my children endlessly by asking if they has stiff necks... Luckily the baby didn't get this one and I'm crossing my fingers that it stays that way. We have enough to deal with with trying to keep his asthma under control right now.

On to other things...

Today is trash day at our house and like all good Alaskans we don't out our garbage out until at least 7 am on the morning of pickup to avoid having bears come shmorgusboard on our trashy leftovers. This morning Zman took the garbage to the curb at 7:45 am and the trash truck came at 8:15 am. This is what happened in between...

Yup! Princess was late for school because we had to pick up all of our trash of the driveway. *sigh* At least it wasn't the d@mn ravens this time!


chou-chou said...

wow - so amazing to have BEARS right at you house. seems so exotic to me down here as a citizen of the lower 48.

hope folks in your house get healthy soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh My, BEARS!!!!! I thought cleaning up trach after the dogs and kids in the neighborhood was bad. I would be terrified that the bear would come back while I was cleaning up the trash. I hope you all are feeling better.

Love to you,