Friday, September 14, 2007

Ethiopian Millennium Calendar

I just wanted to let everyone know about this great fundraiser for the children of Ethiopia. As many of you know, September 12th was the first day of the new Millennium in Ethiopia and to celebrate Shuruba is selling these wonderful Ethiopian Calendars. I'm getting several as keepsakes for Smiley and gifts for family and friends.

Ethiopian Millennium Calendar

Celebrate the Ethiopian Millennium with the purchase of this 18 page calendar containing:

-the 13 Ethiopian months, days and months written in Amharic along with phonetic pronunciations. Ethiopian dates correlated to Canadian dates.
-beautiful pictures of Ethiopia on each page
-Ethiopian Holidays and Festivals marked on the Calendar
-Explanations of these holidays and festivals
-History of the Ethiopian Calendar
-Information about the Amharic Language
-The Ethiopian Alphabet

Proceeds from the Sale of these Calendars in the Month of Sept. will be donated to help the children of Ethiopia