Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Smiley Update

We got another update from our agency on Smiley today. He is still going strong although didn't grow much after his huge growth spurt last month. We didn't get any new pictures though. The agency is hopeful that they'll have those pictures sometime this week. I'm not as desperate for one as I usually would be since it's only a week and a half until I can see him in person. Here are his new numbers...

Weight: 8.5kg - 18.8 lbs
Height: 69cm - 27.17"
Head Cir: 45cm - 17.7"
and just for comparison ...

Weight: 8400 gr - 18.5 lbs
Height: 68 cm - 26.7"
Head Cir: 44 cm - 17.3"

At referral - June
Weight: 7450 gr - 16.42 lbs
Height: 67 cm - 26.3"
Head Cir: 43 cm - 16.9"

And here's an old picture because I just can't resist.


Maggie said...

He's grown a lot since June! I'm glad to hear to that. I know I've said it before, but he's as cute as cute can be!

chou-chou said...

he sure has grown! and, if even possible, he's gotten cuter.

thanks so much for the photos!!!

Debbie said...

He has grown a bit since June. He's so cute. You're almost there. I'm guessing for me it won't stop feeling like a dream until we get home.