Sunday, July 29, 2007


If I have learned anything over the last two days it's this: When Zman and I get stressed we fight. It has not been a pleasant weekend around here! We finally have our travel plans pretty much ironed out and since the majority of our fights were over these plans, I'm hopeful that it will be smoother sailing from now on.

What caused the disagreements was that Zman had his heart set on spending some time in Europe on the way to Africa and I felt that planning a European vacation on top of an adoption trip was just too much. If we are going to spend some extra time anywhere I'd prefer to stay longer in Ethiopia and really immerse ourselves in our son's birth culture. Zman is uncomfortable with traveling around ET during the rainy season especially because we are not vaccinated for yellow fever and are not planning to take malaria pills (neither of which is a problem if we stay in the capital city).

Add into the mix our current tight finances due to adoption, bathroom remodels, and major dental work for Princess, and you can see why it was a heated weekend. We finally reached a compromise with neither of us getting what we want. We will leave a bit early and spend a few days in DC before heading over to Ethiopia for a week. That way we have some alone time before the new baby but not the huge expense of a week in Rome or the health concerns traveling in the ET countryside. And since neither of us is truly happy with the plan it must be a good and fair compromise...right?

Now we come down to it. We have three weeks before we leave and about a million things to do, including cleaning the house from top to bottom as Zman's parents are coming to hang out with the girls while we are gone. Some people have spring cleaning, we have In-law's visit cleaning.

3 weeks!! OMG! What in the heck am I still doing on this computer...