Saturday, July 7, 2007

Parade Recap

Maya and Miguel

Yes, I’m still here; I didn’t trip on the parade rout and get run over by the marching band or anything like that. In fact the parade went off with out a hitch. Everything was done on time and even though I had to bribe my sister to wear one of the costumes at the last minute, it wasn’t very stressful. I walked the parade rout holding onto my sister’s arm since the visibility was very poor and I didn’t want her tripping over small children or her own humongous cartoon feet.

The girls had a blast handing out stickers and Frisbees to the crowd but Princess tired out about half way through and went to ride in the Convertible. She then sat up on the back and waved regally to her adoring fans. We had out of town guest here and so coerced them into participating with us. Nothing like walking in the 4th of July parade as an intro to Our Town!

After the parade and clean up, we headed back home for an impromptu BBQ at our place. Nothing like having 20 people over with one working bathroom and a messy house; but we had lots of good food and great company so it all worked out.

The Gang's all here

"Maya" with my nieces

News Hound

A Princess and Friend (nice flag in the face! *sigh*)

Since then we have been dealing with dental emergencies. Princess has an infected tooth that needs to be extracted but when I took her into the dentist she screamed bloody murder so loudly that the people in the waiting room feared for their lives! She still has the tooth in question and we are now looking into IV sedation. And to add to all the fun I had an old filling fall out this week. Since every single dentist in this town decided to take the week of the forth off, the earliest I can get in is next Tuesday. I’m currently surviving by not chewing anything on that side and downing painkillers like crazy.

With that and the on going bathroom painting saga, it should be a fun weekend!


chou-chou said...

ugh. I *hate* the dentist. And I would probably be screaming just like Princess if I wasn't frozen with fear every time I go.

Let me know how that IV sedation goes - sounds like it's right up my alley.

Seriously, though - so sorry you have to wait before you can get that filling redone. Hang in there.

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