Wednesday, May 23, 2007

feeling the cell phone love

My husband is a techno geek. I can say that with all the love and acceptance in the world, even if I don’t understand it AT ALL. He is drawn like a moth to flame by any new computerized gizmo. The biggest example of this (other than the 3 laptops we now own) is his cell phone. He must get a new one every year. It must be able to connect to the internet, check his email, wirelessly connect to the toaster, withstand being dropped into the toilet at least once, and give a hearty “job well done!” whenever appropriate. Honestly, sometimes I think he loves that thing more than me.

He wears one of those Bluetooth ear pieces and is constantly confounding pedestrians and store clerks by appearing to be talking to them when he is, in fact, on the phone…and he’s always on the phone. I routinely get to listen to his half of a conversation while driving with him in the car, grocery shopping, working in the yard, or hiking in the woods. He checks his email obsessively from everywhere! The man uses around 3000 minutes a month…that’s 50 hours of talk time people.

His newest, totally embarrassing, thing is to carry around 2 cell phones. That way he can check is mail/surf the web and talk on the phone at the same time. Now, I know that in his line of work he’s on call 24/7 and I know that him being available to his clients whenever they need him is essential for the success of our business…but can you tell I have a slight issue with this?

I’m someone who has a cell phone because my hubby bought it for me; in fact now I get all of his old phones whenever he gets a new one. I have a 300 minutes a month plan and I never, ever use that many. I’m the kind of person that leaves my cell phone at home, and usually leaves it in the car when I’m out. Half the time, I’ve forgotten to plug the darn thing in and it’s run out of juice. I’m someone who won’t always answer the home phone either. If I’m busy doing something, or I’m having play time with the kids, or if my hands are tied up making dinner, I’ll let it ring. If someone leaves a message I’ll call them back but I refuse to check the caller id if they don’t leave a message. No message, it must not have been that important.

As you can imagine this drives Zman nuts. He wants to be able to reach me when he calls. He can’t stand to let the phone ring with out answering it. Even if he’s in the shower he will jump out and drip through the house to get the phone!

Of course now that we are getting closer to our referral I have developed a new found love for my cell phone. For the last few days it has been fully charged, I even put a charger on my desk at work. I have remembered to put it into my purse every morning and bring it into the house when I get home rather than leave it in the car. Yesterday, when I was doing volunteer construction on a community project, my cell phone was nestled safely in my pocket.

Now that I’m getting used to having it with me all the time I’m beginning to understand the cell phone craze. It’s a bit like having a pet. You have to feed it, and watch it, and know where it is all the time. You can personalize it so that it’s like an accessory, saying something about you every time it rings…not that mine ever rings because no one is use to calling me on it.

Hopefully sometime soon all my dedication to my Cell will pay off and it will ring with the sweet tones of my referral!


Chuck and Jenny said...

It will come, Carrie! I'm like Z - mine's with me ALL THE TIME. I'm not up to speed on Bluetooth, and my phone is currently being held together with duct tape (new ones later this summer), but I understand the need to have it on you all the time.

Just keep that phone attached to you, and it will ring with that referral soon!


Gina said...

Hi Carrie - Just stumbled across your blog. I rarely bookmark blogs, but I really have enjoyed yours and plan to come back often to hear of your journey to build a family. My husband and I are awaiting our referral from China soon. We have been waiting almost 20 months.

We have a favorite blog in common: "Salsa"

Good luck in your journey, Gina

Elle said...

see you need to download a great song for your ringtone. Then, when you get your referral call the song will always remind you of that happy moment.

I still forget my phone where ever I go. It took the husband to the airport monday and forgot it at home. Now of course if I had one of those handy email checking ones I'd never forget it. You can't separate me from my email.