Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Haircut

Since I didn’t have anything better to do this weekend, I decided to cut Cookie’s hair…if by nothing better to do I mean chopping of my own hand or giving the dog an enema. Cutting the hair of a wiggly, fussy, squirmy, 3 year old is not on the top of my list of enjoyable things to do with your evening.

Last spring I broke down and took Princess to the Salon to have her hair cut. I spent $15 + tip for a hair cut that was worse than one I can give her. I knew then that cutting kids’ hair is just hard and if it’s a bit crooked no one, other than me, is going to care.

Thankfully, Cookie loves the new look and I love not having to spend 30 minutes every morning combing the snarls out of it.




Starfish said...

Very cute! You are brave to attempt it, and you did a great job.

Jenny said...

Look how cute!
You're a brave woman

chou-chou said...

oh my gosh!! so cute!! that length is really perfect.

but, i gotta say, i love those glasses in the "before" shot.

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