Saturday, January 13, 2007


Zman and I met in high school. I hate to admit that to people because it seems to put our marriage into this strange category in people’s mind; the high school sweethearts. I just hate that term because it seems to trivialize our relationship. We have been on a long and arduous journey together and it’s taken hard work and determination from both of us to get where we are today…married for 11 years.

For those of you doing the math, we did indeed get married 12 days after my 19th birthday. The odds were against us because we were so young and most of our relatives were sure we were pregnant; we weren’t. We just knew what we wanted and didn’t see any reason why we should have to wait.

People were right about some things. Getting married at 19 wasn’t easy. We both still had a lot of growing up to do; we have changed an enormous amount over the years. Like the tides, our relationship has gone through periods of being particularly close and times of anger and resentment. We have had to work on it every day and communication has been our saving grace. Hours spent driving around town talking in the car, early mornings yakking in bed, or long drawn out discussions that keep us up till all hours of the night. Most of the time what will start out as a disagreement ends with us both feeling even more close to each other.

Though we have our issues, we also have a deep and abiding love that sees us through. We are committed to each other and to our family. I don’t know how I would be able to weather the storms of my life without his strength and acceptance. It’s an amazing gift to have one person in the world who truly knows you, who you never have to lie to or hide from.

Honey, you are my best friend. Thank you for 11 memorable years. I can’t wait to see what’s next!


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Maggie said...

Is it your anniversary? If so, congratulations.

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Starfish said...

Happy Anniversary!