Friday, January 5, 2007

Long lost blogger returns!

The last few weeks have been a frenzy of activity. This time of year is always hectic for us; Cookie’s birthday, father-in-laws birthday, Christmas, my birthday, new years, our anniversary and my nieces birthday all fall within 2 weeks! We seem to try and jam months worth of activity into two long weekends. To all this chaos add trying to finalize adoption paperwork, and you’ll understand what I’ve been up to lately.

Let me recap a few noteworthy happenings over the last two weeks. (In bullet style since I’m so worn out)

~ My youngest brother, Kevin, (20) announces he is married to a woman we’ve never met. She seems nice over the phone. I still worry about him though as they are both very young, both in the army and about to be stationed halfway around the world from each other. I really can’t say anything to him about getting married too young though as ZM and I married 12 days after my 19th birthday….

~ I turned 30! Yikes…how did that sneak up on me and not even get its own blog post? I don’t have any hang ups about hitting the big three-oh....right?

~ While surfing one of my adoption boards I come across a post that makes me realize that there may be a snafu with our I600A application and home study. After frantically trying to get some clarification from out home study agency over the holidays, we finally learn that there was an issue but since I caught it before they sent the HS to the USCIS, it would only delay us by two weeks rather than the 2 months I was envisioning. The set back is still disappointing though and I find myself in an adoption slump right now. It feels like we’ll never get this stupid paperwork finished!

~ Kevin also announces that he is being deployed to Iraq as of the 2nd of February. This will be the second time one of my brothers will be in that country, fighting a stupid war and it’s not any easier the second time around.

~ Mali, our new puppy, gets sick and we fear she has Parvo. Thankfully she doesn’t and is feeling much better now.

~ Our bathtub begins leaking and we don't realize it. Now the floor around the tub and toilet is alarmingly spongy. Looks like well be springing for a bathroom makeover. Not something we were happy to hear right now with large adoption expenses looming in the near future.

~ My dear sweet hubby surprises me on my birthday by flying Kevin in to see me before he’s deployed. I still don’t get to meet my new sister-in-law as she has already been stationed in Germany. I get to ring in the New Year with all of my siblings for the first time in ages.


(Kevin, Carrie, Donovan, Charlene with her son Ethan)


Debbie said...

You have been busy.
Congratz on the birthday!!!!!
I'll keep Kevin (and new wife) in my prayers while they're overseas.

Maggie said...

Happy belated birthday!

My I-600 was delayed because when I sent it in they didn't require your home study before scheduling your fingerprint appt, but they changed that rule and I was delayed 4 weeks because of it. It's frustrating... but in the end it didn't slow me down at all. Things have a way of catching up. Don't worry about 2 weeks.

Elle said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Jenny and Matt said...

Happy birthday - I turned 30 this past week, too! Who cares?! We've got plenty of other stuff to be worried about.