Sunday, July 9, 2006

Lost blogger found running around like a chicken without a head.

Life has been crazy lately. I feel like someone hit the fast forward button and we are all speeding through the weeks at twice the normal pace. My younger bother arrived home from deployment to Iraq, my youngest brother enlisted and went off to boot camp four days after the older one got here. My sweet husband turned 30, I got a job, Z-man's brother came for a visit, 4th of July craziness, my brothers birthday, swimming lessons, and now, this week, Princess turns 6.

Yes, you heard right, I'm now a working mom...sorta. It wasn't my plan, but when a good thing falls into your lap, you run with it. About 6 months ago I applied for a great part-time job at our local PBS TV/Radio station. It wasn't a very exciting job, admin assistant, but I love the atmosphere there. I love that they work so closely with the community and seem to really make an impact in the world. They are amazingly family friendly, very flexible, and it was a low stress job. Well, to make a long story short, they passed me over and hired someone else.

That was hard for me because I was struggling with being a SAHM then and I really wanted to have time to be will other adults, and get away from the never ending laundry. After some refection, I figured that this must have happened for a reason and spent a lot of time working on enjoying my children and our situation. It took several months, but I came to a great place where I have been content in my role as the stay at home parent. Being at home has even been a big factor in our adoption plans. I didn't look for any other jobs, I really only wanted that one.

Then, last week, I got a call from the Exc. Dir. of that company asking me if I was still interested in the position. It seems that the person they hired decided that 20hrs was not going to cut it for his family and took another job. They were offering me the position without having to re-interview for it. If had been in a different place with our adoption plans, I probably would have turned them down, but right now this is a great opportunity.

Adoption wait times in Ethiopia are getting longer and longer. Our 1st choice agency now estimates a 12 to 18 month wait for referral for an infant boy, longer for girls or twins. This isn't great news for us (I'm not sure I can stand to wait that long), and it gives me lots of time to fill for a while.

Since I already had my summer plans lined up, I made it clear that my kids and our summer adventures came first and if they wanted me they would have to work around my summer schedule. They wanted me! I'm working 2 hours a day through the summer and starting 20 hours a week in the fall after Princess goes back to school. A good friend of mine runs a wonderful home childcare and she'll have a spot for Cookie in the fall, so it seems like everything is just falling together.

Now if only our adoption plans would shape up as easily!


Anne said...

Wow! What a whirlwind. So happy your brother is back, and hoping your other brother stays safe. Congratulations on your job -- that sounds so great!

Those wait times are frightening -- yikes! And here I am frustrated to the edge of my sanity by a measly 7 months...I'm a wimp.

Margaret said...

Congrats Mandy! Sounds like the new job is going to work perfectly for you.