Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Summer time blues

Life around here is never boring...or quite for that matter. Summer means that I now have both girls home with me full time and they are with each other full time. They invent strange things to do like the bucket shoes idea that Princess talked Cookie into trying (see above picture). They also fight, and fight, and then they fight some more. I know that Cookie is not used to sharing my attention during the day, but I really wasn't expecting her to lash out like she has this week. Today she spent 70% of her time following me around, hanging of my pants, and crying. The other 30% she spent, you guessed it, fighting with her sister. I hope we all adjust to the new schedule quickly or I may be spending some quality time in a funny white jacket in the near future.


Anne said...

That precious little angel? I don't believe it. ;)

And the big question: is your kitchen floor always that clean?

Margaret said...

I've heard that bucket shoes are all the rage in Europe. Your girls are very fashion forward.

jeneflower said...

Oh my gosh your kids are cute.