Thursday, May 18, 2006

Five Things

In my car:
1. 2 winter jackets belonging to the kiddos
2. 1 box of Kleenex, because I am a mom...
3. Dog leash
4. Water bottle
5. about 10 giant finger paintings Princess did in kindergarten. I'm scared to bring inside because I don't have anywhere to put them.

In my purse:
1. Cell phone (Can't live with out it)
2. A Terry Pratchett book
3. A travel sized bottle of pain reliever
4. My local drive up espresso punch card (even though I'm not allowed to drink coffee)
5. A temporary cowgirl tattoo

In my closet:
1. 6 1/2 pair of shoes
2. All of my winter clothing which I still haven't packed away for the season
3. 2 couch may look like a closet but it's really a fort!
4. a silky baby doll nightly I haven't worn in 5 years and could only fit into in my dreams...a reminder that I used to have an interesting sex life that consisted of more than quickies while the kids are watching Elmo.
5. 3 16x20 black and white pictures of me nursing Princess when she was a baby...this goes under the heading of "what was i thinking" like I'm going to hang those huge things on my wall. (and I mean the boobs!)

In my fridge:
1. A container of hummus that expired on 3/25/06
2. Half a container of chocolate chip cookie dough
3. A drawer full of fresh fruits and veggies from of CSA
4. A bottle of Aloe Juice that I got from my Chiropractor when I was having tummy troubles and never had the nerve to take
5. A huge pitcher of earl grey rooibos iced tea...yummy!

In my yard:
1. The pieces of the kids little plastic slide I need to clean and put together
2. Two dead hanging baskets from last year
3. A huge pile of brush that needs to be burned
4. Several big holes and all the pieces of what used to be my chain link fence
5. A huge waste land of rocks and dirt. Can you tell we are in the middle of a yard remodel? They tell me that someday we'll have actual grass....

I'm gonna tag Elle, Anne, and Mary Mia and I can't wait to see that these three come up with! I would tag Rhonda too but she's got enough on her mind right now! Good luck with your trip girl!


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

How funny! Here's my abbreviated answer:

In my car: 5 jackets (I never remember there's one in the car already) and my golf clubs.

In my purse: chapstick (I actually won't go anywhere without it). My purse camera (never know when you'll get that oscar-winning shot of Rod doing something embarrassing).

In my closet: 28 pairs of black shoes and some other ones... A whole rack of clothes that will fit once I "lose a few pounds".

In my fridge: oh too frightening, can't go there. Back away slowly. We are horrible about cleaning out the fridge.

In my yard: the Texas-sized grill (of course), and tons of birds. The 5 quail who hang out under my bird feeder are the faves right now.


Elle said...

oh man! I haven't been tagged in a while. You might have to wait until I am feeling better. This one is too good to do while I'm sick.

jeneflower said...

Great list. You pointed out every mom's dilemna- what to do with the accumulative art work from school. We have boxes of this art that we just move from house to house. I feel like a criminal whenever I secretly trash something.

That is funny about the nursing photos. You could always post them on your blog for an added draw :).

Anne said...

Loved your lists! Anyone who has Terry Pratchett in her purse has my undying loyalty. Are you one of those people like me who reads standing there in the kitchen waiting for the water to boil? And at stoplights?