Friday, May 22, 2009

Hard week (or three)

The last month has been a doozy! It started off with my mother-in-law visiting for a week on the first. She was supposed to arrive on May 1st and stay through the 8th, leaving before Mother's Day and allowing us to go to the local adoption camping retreat on Mother's Day weekend. We found out 3 days before she was expected that she had decided to change her trip dates (months ago) and was really arriving on May 4th and staying through Mother's Day. She is not able-bodied so the hike into camp and staying in cabins wouldn't work for her so we had to beg off, much to the disappointment of the kids. Though, I don't usually get along with my MIL, we were both on our good behavior, and I had to work long hours that week, so it was as pleasant a visit as possible under the circumstances.

Then, at the tail end of her visit, a stomach bug started going around and both girls were pukey off and on for about a week. Then I got it and spend 4 solid days in bed, only getting up to make emergency trips to the bathroom. It reminded me very strongly of my pregnancy with Cookie. Good times.

During all of this, we learned that the tough economic times had finally hit home and there would be layoffs at work. (Zman and I work at the same place) I was a very stressful couple of weeks until this Monday, when we learned who would be getting the cut. Although both Zman and I have retained our jobs, we both had to layoff people working directly under us and are losing some good friends at work... not to mention that both of us just got our workload doubled.

To cap off the crappy Monday, we got a call from the school district letting us know that Cookie didn't get accepted to the Charter School where Princess attends. We are on the wait list, so if someone drops out over the summer she has a chance to get in, but we won't find out for sure until the END of August. I'm a proper prior planning kinda girl so this waiting until the last minute thing is going to make me crazy! Our second choice for Kindergarten is home-school and I'm thinking that it would be good to get signed up for that and buy curriculum BEFORE the start of the school year. Not to mention that I would then need to quit my job and it would be good to be able to give some notice...

Ah well. Such is life!

On the positive side, Zboy didn't get the pukey thing, and in fact, has NEVER thrown up since we've had him (knock on wood.) He has a killer immune system. Since he initial bout of illnesses when we first got home from Ethiopia (almost 2 years a go!) we has never had more than a runny nose for a day or two. After two kids that got EVERY. FRICKIN. THING. we are constantly amazed at his hardiness!

I'm also thankful that Zman and I are both still employed and have the financial flexibility to have me stay home with the kids if needed. I can't imagine how much more stressed I'd be right now if that wasn't the case.