Sunday, January 4, 2009

New year... already?

As usual, December was a crazy month around here and I rarely had time for the computer and this poor neglected blog. This year, January seems likely to be even crazier than December was!

Zman has been away on business and returns late Tuesday. He is here for 2 full days and then we are off, next Friday, for a weekend trip to Seattle in celebration of our 13th anniversary. (Lucky 13... I can hardly believe it has been that long!) We return late Sunday evening and are home for 4 full days before I head out to visit my brother and sister-in-law for 2 weeks. Yes, I'm ditching my husband and all the kids to go gallivanting around Germany and Italy. I'm looking forward to going but, without a single weekend in January with both of the adults in the house, I'm worried the kids will run wild and drive everyone to distraction.

We had a lovely Christmas, Cookie had a wonderful 5th Birthday, and I had a very nice Birthday myself. Zman gave me a Sony eBook Reader and I have already finished three books on it. I have 45 ebooks currently in my collection and it can hold many, many more. I LOVE it! I hope they catch on so every book will be released in ebook formate. I have several old favorites that I would love to be able to carry with me everywhere I go. I have shelves and shelves of books that take up so much room and would love to be able to store them all so compactly. If only there were a way to store my kids toys so easily!!

As to that, I am dying to do a purge and get rid of all the excess stuff that seems to be breeding in every corner and closet of my house. When we moved into this house, 7 years ago, we had more storage than we knew what to do with. 2 kids and a home business later, and we are bursting at the seams! I'm itching to scrub every nook and cranny too. Since we brought our rambunctious boy home 18 months ago, all I have had time for is the basic cleaning regiment, and sometimes not even that. Most days it feels like all I do is follow Zboy around, cleaning up one mess after the next, and that makes doing things like cleaning and organizing the kitchen cabinets out of the question.

So, for the new year, I am resolved to conquer my house in-spite of my children and my husband. I have a plan that includes before and after pictures and, my favorite, color coded spreadsheets. Yeah! None of this will start until February though, just surviving this month will be challenge enough for now.


Debbie B said...

Sounds like a very busy but very fun Jan.
I actually got around to reorganizing the pantry this week. I was impressed with myself.
Cleaning house with a little one is tough.