Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wow. Just wow.

Just when you think a campaign can't sink any lower...

The fact that the RNC would stoop to invoking the tragic images of 9/11 and then imply that Obama is a terrorist in the same camp as those who killed so many Americans... I have no words! OK, that's not true; I have words, just none that I feel fit with the "family friendly" tone of this blog.

I don't have a problem with hard hitting debates on the issues. I don't have a problem with politicians bashing each-other's political ideals or party stances. I do have a BIG problem with something that boils down to calling someone a murderer and a terrorist without any proof or provocation!! Seriously, how can these people sleep at night?


Maggie said...

Hear, hear

Maria and Family said...

It really is wrong. AND dangerous to a good man..