Wednesday, July 25, 2007


A family that just traveled to Addis was kind enough to get some new pictures of Smiley for us. I'm beginning to think we may have to change his blog nick name because we have not seen one single smile since our referral picture; I did finally count all ten fingers though!

What's going on?

Who are those strange people?

I'm not sure I like this picture taking thing!

Get me outta here!


Maggie said...

He's such a cutie!

KrazyMom said...

Aw, those are priceless! That expression on his little face! I am sure getting the new pics makes it that much harder on you to not be able to pinch those sweet little cheeks and cover him in kisses!!

chou-chou said...

Carrie, he is GORGEOUS!!

Thank you so much for posting these!

Mom of 5 said...

Great pictures !!
I am so happy that things are official. Just can't wait for you to get him ...

Sig said...

What a gourgeous boy!! Can't wait to hear of your travel dates!