Monday, July 2, 2007

I HATE painting!

To save money on our bathroom remodel job Zman and I decided that we would do all the clean up, painting and installation of new fixtures. Not too hard right? Well, it wouldn’t be until you take into account the "Carrie" factor; that mysterious ability of mine to take simple projects and warp them past all recognition… Zman didn’t stand a chance.

We have two bathrooms that are currently in a usable but not quite finished state. We ( aka I) decided that we should finish out one bathroom at a time so we can still do important things like shower and use the toilet. Seems simple enough and off we head to our friendly neighborhood big box home improvement store. (It’s new!) We spend a bloody fortune and come home with new wall cabinets, mirrors, light fixtures, and towel rods of all shapes and sizes.

Then we head over to our locally owned paint store and spend an ungodly amount of time choosing paint colors with the help of our good friend and paint expert C (the owner of the store), and pieces of tile from both bathrooms. I want something bold but C convinces me (kind of) that the colors I like would be too dark so we go with much lighter shades for both rooms. I also want a latte color for the main bathroom, but after talking to C come home with a light shade of green… I’m still not sure how that happened. I think I was willing to listen to his advice since I've never painted a room anything but white before and color can be intimidating.

Since the colors are light, we then run into another issue. The trim around the doors and windows of both bathrooms is a very dark wood and we all know that very dark, circa 1970, and would not go with the new look, so of course needs to be painted. And while we're at it, that old cabinet needs a little something so let’s paint that too. And since we have nothing better to do, let’s paint it all white... don’t ask how many coats of primer and paint that took!

So we get home, take off all the door and window frames in the master bath and haul them into the garage. Zman starts taping everything off while I try desperately to convince one of my relatives to come take my children away because they really want to help paint. My mom to the rescue!!

After we dispensed with the kids I started in on painting the window and door frames and the cabinet white while Zman does the same in the garage with the door and trim. This takes all day… 90 coats of paint later (or so, I lost track) we decide to whip out the wall color and give the walls a coat before hitting the sack. It is now 11pm and it takes about 10 seconds for me to put the kibosh on the new paint color. This paint color would only work for me if I were an eight year old girl and still wore hair bows and played with Barbies.

Zman convinces me that it will dry darker and we should sleep on it and see how we like it in the morning. It didn’t look any better by the light of day! Fearful now, we decide to open the color for the main bathroom and quickly rename that color limecycle…yuck! So since it’s Sunday and our locally owned paint store is closed I put in a bit for going to the big box home improvement store to get more paint but Zman stands firm that we will only buy paint from Mr. C with the bad paint color advice.

Currently my master bathroom still looks almost exactly like that picture shown below and I’m planning on heading over to the paint store today to pick out the colors I wanted to start with…at least then if I hate it, I’ll have no one to blame but myself!