Monday, July 16, 2007

Cabin Camping

We survived! Well, it wasn’t like we were exactly “roughing it”. With small kids we have found the best way to go camping is by renting a cabin, preferably one on the road system so we can just load the car up, drive to the cabin, back it up and haul all the crap in. It’s amazing to me how much stuff you need to take a family of 4 + 3 guests camping for the weekend.

The weather was dismal the first day. We were treated to a bunch of “Alaskan sunshine” aka rain. I’m not complaining to much though because the rain kept most of the bugs away and the cabin we were in was heated. We had an amazing water view from the deck but the fog was very thick and we could barely make out the water at all let alone the incredible view of the mountains we were anticipating.

My brother, the big boy scout, brought is tent and camped out in all that muck rather than sleep in the cabin with us. The cabin slept 8 and we were very comfortable with 6 people in there for the night. We had some amazing BBQ and pasta salad for dinner and root beer floats and birthday cake for dessert. The only issue was the lack of window coverings and the limitless amount of daylight we get here in the summer. We finally resorted to fashioning “tents” out of extra blankets draped over the edge of the bunk beds to block out the light so the girls could get to sleep. I was really missing the black out shades we have at home!

The next day the weather cleared up and we were treated to some lovely vistas for the rest of the trip. I keep saying that we need to buy our own cabin so we can do this more often. The girls had a blast and though they spent a lot of time indoors due to the weather, they never seemed to get board… now if I could just bottle that!


Tami said...

Sounds absolutely heavenly!