Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All things Boy

It's really starting to sink in that we are going to have a son. My brother-in-law is in town visiting for Zman and Princess’s birthdays and he arrived with an entire carry-on bag full of gifts from Zman’s parents for Smiley. Now, I have been a bit superstitious about buying anything for the baby. We didn’t know if we would get a boy or a girl or what age/size they would be so I just didn’t worry about it, figuring we would have plenty of time to get things after our referral. Since we got the referral, almost a month ago, I just feel weird about buying anything. It almost seems like it’s all too good to be true and I would hate to have to return a bunch of stuff if “something” happens…not sure what “something” is but there you go.

Well, it seems that my mother-in-law is not a superstitious person at all. Here’s the note that accompanied the clothes…

We went shopping and had so much fun. We had errands to run today and we decided to go to out for lunch, it’s really hot here and I was getting worn down, then we decided to go to Sears to see what they might have for infant boys.

Well let me tell you in no time I was rejuvenated and having the most fun. We went to Sears first because of the good quality of their infant clothes and we joined their kid’s plan, where all clothes have a wear & exchange warranty. Meaning if the clothes get soiled, stained, or damaged we can exchange them during the period of time the clothes still fit the child. Anyway, as grandparents that sounded good to us.

You should of seen Dad, everything had to match, if you pick out pants, he needed to have the shirt that matched. We went up and down the isles filling our cart, after we were satisfied we had a wide selection of everything we saw, and our cart was full, we sorted out our choices to make the best selections. We were so funny, and enjoyed it all. Of course, we couldn’t get out of Sears without going into the shoe department and I picked out a pair of everyday shoes, and Dad saw these really cute tennis shoes and had to get his favorite pair of shoes. We left Sears laughing and feeling proud of our grand parenting skills.

We were disappointed that we couldn’t find a sweater or sweatshirt or pajamas, and as luck as it, as we exiting the shopping mall we passed Gottschalk’s, and as luck would have it again, there was a Leo parking place, under a tree, and in the shade. It was destiny, I know. The powers that be led the way, for us to find pajamas and slacks and a shirt outfit with a sweater vest, plus an exercise outfit that of course the pants match the sweatshirt.

I hope you guys like what we have for Smiley. Here is a list of what we bought so you know what you have and what you will still need to get.

Size 12 months
4 – boy body suit (with the snap at the bottom) one stripe, one solid blue, one polo white w/collar, one polo olive & orange/olive dark blue center strips w/ collar

• To match the above- 1 pair knit orange short, 1 pair canvas cargo pants
• Active wear- navy long sleeve sweatshirt w/ white sleeves
• Matching navy sweat pants with red-white-blue side stripe- fully lined
• 12 month- 3-pc Tigger set from Winnie Pooh collection
• Tan body suit (w/snaps) plaid short sleeve woven outer shirt and green shorts
• 3-pc short legged over all set
• Canvas overalls with blue embroidered cars, cap to match, white, blue, green short sleeve shirt (matching colors)
• 3 pc long legged over all set
• Jean material overalls with Pooh & Tigger, with cap to match, and orange long sleeve shirt w/pooh emblem, sleeves are grey
• Carters Pajamas- 12 month 3-pc set with little hero fire truck emblem on shirt, includes shorts and long pants
• 18 month 3-pc set with puppies , includes shorts and long pants brown & blue in color, and shirt
• 6 pairs of boys socks
• 2 pair of shoes – 1 brown leather ( Alaska style) 1 tennis shoe with truck and sole that lights up

Size 18 months Grandparents think about the future, yeah that’s what we do, Dad said so.

• Short leg cargo overalls w/matching tan cap and blue, green, white, yellow, stripe T-shirt (matching colors of course)
• 18 month- 3 pc dress pants, with olive & white trimmed sweater vest, and olive/white matching short sleeve shirt
• 3 pc long jean overalls, with polo shirt & T-shirt tan & brown (Leo’s favorite)

So has you can see we did enjoy ourselves and hope you and Smiley will enjoy the fruits of our wonderful fun filled afternoon.

Love you all
Mom and Dad

Yes, we are extremely blessed to have such supportive and generous family. It’s even more special to me because Zman’s dad had a very hard time coming to terms with our adoption plans. It’s been very surreal to have all these cute baby boy clothes in the house. We live in the land of pink around here; princesses, baby dolls, and My Little Pony have taken over the house. It’s definitely going to be different to have little boy things mixed it from now on. (I don’t even know what the little boy things are… GI Joe? Transformers? Trucks and legos?)

I find myself spending a lot more time than I’m willing to admit stroking his little sweater vests and fingering the tiny construction boots. This influx of baby stuff has gotten the ball rolling and I’ve been shopping online for even more baby boy clothes and accessories (are they accessories if they are for a boy?). I love some of the cute outfits over at Gymboree and think that every Alaskan boy should have this outfit. I even purchased this snuggly blanket and had it monogrammed with his new first name and Ethiopian middle name. For those of you who know me, you know that is a huge commitment for me… Monogramming is forever!

I’m finally starting to realize that this is it. We are going to be the parents of this adorable little boy. We are going to have 3 children. Now if only that court date would hurry up and get here…this week has got to be the slowest week ever!


Mom of 5 said...

Oh how fun !!
Hope the weeks goes fast...

Tami said...

It's great when the grandparents get excited about it, isn't it! :) To update you on boys's Rescue Heroes, anything with a ball and GeoTrax. When they're a little older look for Transformers, Matchbox/Hot Wheels, Legos and Air Hogs. Hope that helps! ;)