Wednesday, June 27, 2007

shots and ulcers and migraines, oh my!

Since we now have a referral (I just love saying that!!) it’s time to head on over to the Doctor’s office and get started on those lovely shots. I’m really looking forward to it… yeah right! I have an appointment for this afternoon and I have quite the laundry list of things to go over with her.

I’m hoping that she has something new to try for my migraines and ulcer issues. I really want to get them under control as much as possible before we travel. I want to be able to enjoy my time visiting Ethiopia and learning as much as possible about my son’s birth culture, not lying on a bed wish someone would chop my head off!

My biggest concern I need to talk over with my doctor is an issue that popped up unexpectedly this weekend. Last week my mom was diagnosed with diabetes. It not a severe case and so should be able to be controlled with diet and exercise. She was having trouble fingering out how to make her glucose meter work and so came on over Sunday for a tutorial. I was borderline gestationaly diabetic during my pregnancy with Cookie and used to monitor my blood sugar levels regularly so I’m an old hand at the finger poke routine.

I demonstrated on myself the process doing the test and quickly noticed that my blood sugar was higher than normal, higher than my mom’s was at the time in fact. Not high enough to be considered diabetic but certainly higher than my norm back when I used to take it regularly. I decided to be cautious and check my fasting glucose level the next morning.

A normal result of a fasting glucose test is under 100 mg/dL, diabetic is 126 mg/dL or higher. Mine was 111 mg/dL that morning, that’s in the pre-diabetic range. Yesterday’s test was 120 mg/dL and today’s was 123 mg/dL. Needless to say, I’m very concerned about this. Many people in my family have diabetes and I have no desire to be one of them. I’m hoping that there may be something wrong with my meter; it is very old and hasn’t been calibrated lately… it’s a long shot though.

I am thankful that, if this is pre-diabetes, it came up now when it can be easily monitored and controlled by diet and exercise. I would hate for it to have progressed into full blown diabetes before we found out and started doing anything about it. I’m really hoping that I’m being a bit of a hypochondriac here and the doctor will tell me it’s nothing to worry about. Either way, at least I don’t have long to stew on it.


Tami said...

Better safe than sorry. I'm glad you're taking it so seriously. As you know it's nothing to mess with. Let us know how it goes.

Kim said...

Congrats on your referral! And I hope the dr appt went well.

Without knowing what you've tried already, I have to say that Relpax has really helped my (lay down ina dark room and wish to die) migraines. If you haven't already tried it, you might give it a shot. And if you're "lucky" enough to be able to see them coming and you can take a pill before it a headache hits, all the better. I'm not usually that lucky, but even so the medicine will kick in within 30 min or so and I'm able to function again.

Maggie said...

Pre-diabetes is a good thing in disguise. It's a time to change things around.

Rebecca said...

Hi! I'm a reader, first time commenter. I have gestational diabetes right now actually. I think the cut off level for a fasting, non pregnant glucose level, is actually 105. Lots of things can screw this up. Like..not getting enough sleep. Are you sleeping through the night? It makes all of the differnace for me.
But in any case, it just means its time to start watching your carbs. Surgarbusters is a good book and go get some wheat bread.
Stress is a big factor too.
Take Care of yourself!